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HTC Driver Consortium is convenient and efficient.


Current Federal regulations require that ALL CDL licensed drivers be in a random drug and alcohol testing program. HTC Driver Consortium is compliant with all of the DOT Federal regulations regarding Drug and Alcohol testing.
Type of testing provided:                                                                   

  • Random Drug and Alcohol

  •  Pre-employment 

  •  Post Accident

  •  Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse


HTC Driver Consortium has access to thousands of collection sites across the U.S. and Canada for your convenience.


Fees are based on annual memberships with no collection site, DOT lab, and MRO fees for the random tests.


We keep detailed records of all members, selections, and test results. This is helpful in the case of a Federal safety audit.


We take on the burden of the drug testing and follow-up requirements for your company.

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