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Tax Compliance


We also provide the necessary tax filings to meet the state requirements for the trucking industry. You may be interested in the following:


Computerized Fuel & Highway Use Tax Maintenance Service


IFTA -International Fuel Tax Agreement


State Mileage Tax Filings


Quarterly Tax Summaries By State and Vehicle

Individual Vehicle Summaries are also available


Through our auditing process, we will advise you on any errors and how to resolve them correctly

Filing IRS Heavy Highway Use Tax - IRS 2290

Preparation and filing of Corporate and Specialized Taxes

With today's automation, it is very important that all records for all filings be consistent. We will make sure that the IFTA, IRP, state mileage, state gross receipts, state franchise, state property reports, and any state or federal questionnaire or reports are consistent to avoid a possible audit.


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